Why $75,000?

Perhaps you've seen our $75,000 fundraising goal and wondered one of the following things:

1) Good gracious, that's high! How will they ever reach that goal?

2) Is that the cost to buy a liver???

3) Why isn't this covered by insurance?

So let's quell our curiosities today, shall we?

1) COTA helped us determine our fundraising goal.  They have 20+ years of experience in helping families with transplant-related expenses.  (We have 0 years experience, so we appreciated their expertise!)  And YES, this is a lot of money to raise!  We're only going to reach it with the provision of the Lord through the help of people like you--one dollar at a time!

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In...

Do you guys like the Avett Brothers?  We do.  Their song "I and Love and You" was one of the inspirations for Brooklyn's name.  

Although I already consider you a friend if you've made it all the way over here to Brooklyn's blog, you might not know anything about us.  Where do I start with Brooklyn's story?

I could start in October of 2014...with an orphanage in China, where a 9-month-old baby girl was declining in health, and they were told she had a 50% chance of living 4-6 months.

I could start with the American who had taken a 4-month sabbatical from her job to work in Chinese orphanages...who found that baby girl in the institute and was captivated by her...who refused to believe that her diagnosis was the end of her story.

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